Edward Harness

Attorney Edward W. Harness

I've helped hundreds of clients over the years. Now, I offer a unique opportunity to get the one-on-one service you deserve at a fraction of the cost. My "new school" way of doing things allows me to give you full representation and pass the cost savings on to you!

Over your head in debt? Help is here.

Do you remember how friendly and easy-going the banks and credit card companies were when they asked you to sign up for their card? Why are they so mean and unreasonable now?

Remember when you had money to spend after taking care of your bills? Now it feels like you are a slave to those banks and credit card companies… they want your whole paycheck and then some.

Your life has become a living hell with bill collectors hounding you day and night. They even pester you at work. You want it all to stop… just stop this madness.

You're thinking about filling bankruptcy, but you're afraid of what your friends and neighbors might say behind your back? Mortified with the shame you'd feel if they found out that you had to file bankruptcy.  

Those worries and fears about bankruptcy are no more real than the monster under your bed when you were a child.  You can end your pain… stop the hassles from the bill collectors and improve your credit quietly and privately.  Your friends and family don't need to know about it.  

It is true that bankers and credit card companies tell people a lot of negative things about bankruptcy… shameful… immoral… a stain on your reputation and credit.  I used to believe that too.  My dad believed the same things, but then I discovered the truth.  

Congress passed the federal bankruptcy code to rescue normal everyday working Americans from the clutches of these greedy swindlers.  Your congressman knows that in tough times like these, bad things to happen to good people. so they set up legal rescue process-- The Bankruptcy Laws. 

The truth is bankruptcy is there to help you.

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